Problem 1: Pod Race Probability

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Problems

Boonta Eve

On the planet Tatooine, there is an annual podrace called the Boonta Eve Classic. The course is very dangerous (with the Sand People snipers, the dangerous competitors, and the “Devil’s Doorknob”, a small hole at the end of a canyon). Typically the probability of having a crash is 1/4. This year, there are 6 racers.

a.) What is the probability that all 6 crash, if crashes are independent of one another?

b.) If there are 8 racers next year, but there is a 1/3 probability of having a crash due to bad weather conditions, what is the probability that all 8 crash?

c.) Which race will be more likely to have all of its competitors crash?

  1. mdpt53 says:

    A) 24%
    B) 24 %
    C) They are the same percentage. So that means they would have an equal amount of having all of their competitors crash.

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